Rosalind Fedeli

River Current Studio

Most artists produce their art in series, developing and fine tuning a theme or idea. My work is dictated by the objects I am able to find. I frequent yard sales, flea markets, beaches, curbside rubbish barrels and am not opposed to dumpster diving! Recently, though, people have been bringing me donations… bones, feathers, shells, eggs, interesting wood pieces, costume jewelry, metal fragments or maybe one thousand push-pins!

Rosalind Fedeli Lobster,acrylic on cavas

I arrange these various items by color, texture, size and shape…organization is vital because I want to put my hands on the these articles quickly to begin my work. My closets, drawers and stacked boxes are not labeled, but I usually know where everything is located. Other objects are fabricated of clay, wood or papier mache…I truly enjoy the process of making boxes and constructing frames in my workshop.

Some of my most acclaimed assemblages are based on games, puzzles, actual altered books, altars and cabinets or coffers. As you may surmise, I am totally immersed in my art…working daily…producing many pieces.
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